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Zahid Gill

Zahid Gill

Dubai, UAE

IMPROVISOR-Maker/Producer/Animator Zahid Gill has years of multifaceted experience with still and moving images within the creative industries – working in a postproduction company, an advertising agency and a leading Television Channel. He started his career as an Animator and over time moved to Creative Direction. Occasionally, he is working on short films, music videos, documentaries etc. He has produced and directed internationally award-winning short films and documentary content. Currently he is working as an Independent Creative solution provider. His love for Art, culture and music has had a great influence on his work.
Zahid is a Postgraduate in Motion Graphics from Kingston University London where he honed his sense of direction-largely expanding his understanding of the world, people and cultures.

Magic Formula: Research. Learn. Practice. Repeat


Thoughts on Covid-19 Crisis and the Artworks

I would strongly defer that time had lost its meaning. For someone away from home Life is still a rush hour and struggle to make sure that every task of the day is done. It has always been an effort to manage all at hand and prepare for the next, for the average human, suddenly just like a movie everything has paused. It stopped in a manner that most of us are finding ways to spend the never-ending days and indulge in some kind of activity other than eating and sleeping. But for me things are no different although I agree that while nature is rebooting itself and has forcefully made us a part of this process, we can sure add some value to time we have at hand.
Life would definitely be not the same as the work dynamics are totally changed with the recession closing in people losing jobs, points to just one thing the rat race is going to be more brutal. We as artist need to proactive then before so for the time being take the chances of self-awareness, self-assessment, gratitude and reflect.

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