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Whispering Meadows

A solo landscape painting exhibition by Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi at Artciti gallery Karachi.

My Exhibition, Whispering Meadows, displays 43 paintings, oil-on-canvas. It is based on Pakistan and Punjab’s landscapes and some paintings are based on Lahore in a particular weather, during the mist. My subjects change due to the seasons and the weather. This show is specifically designed to show clouds in different weather, during different times showing the play of light and shadows and show the atmosphere and romance of the clouds as they were my subject. It is a unique experience to travel to different regions in search for my subjects. One gets to travel to different areas in varied weather conditions, during cold, harsh sunlight, fog and in the morning, evening and night. The is an excellent experience. When I travel to the villages during the nights there is a weird midst and silence which creates a very romantic atmosphere, this I cannot explain in any way other then my paintings.
I don’t have the words to explain.
My series of Moonlight paintings which total around 8 to 10, are based on the same feel.
They depict the same romance that I felt while doing my first Moonlight painting.
Although the inspiration was films but when I painted the feeling that I got from the painting
was very soothing and to me was very romantic.
In the same manner the clouds in my paintings, during a timed season in Punjab,
where the clouds are majestic and the wind is blowing and the weather is beautiful.
Even the smell of the air and sand has its own aura.
The trees dancing to the wind and the sound of the leaves in the strong wind and the birds chirping.
It my attempt to capture the beauty of my land,
its colors, its air and its magnificence.
There is a unique romance that you find in Punjab during fog season, were you cannot see a person at a distance of 3 feet.
If there is light at a distance then you see a different perspective and the tones and colors have a totally different palate, when I paint fog.

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