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Tales From The Harem

Exhibition video 'Tales from the harem' Miniature presentation by Shiblee Muneer. Held on 17th Jan 2024 at Pakistan art forum gallery Lahore.

Artist statement:

Vision is always a socialized phenomenon that is defined to us by our surrounded culture.
Indeed, image-making serves as a powerful conduit to challenge and reshape our perception of reality.

Through these deliberate arrangements/distortions;

I seek to unravel the layers between what we perceive and what truly exists. Through current body of work, I navigate the intricate rave between representation and the tangible, inviting viewers to question the authenticity of their visual experiences.

Each stroke and composition serve as a portal, challenging preconceived notions and prompting a reconsideration of the complex relationship between images and the reality they purport to capture.

I don't have personal beliefs or trust in Historic Images. However, it's important to approach historical images critically.

While they can provide valuable insights in the past, But the factors like bias-perspective, selective representation and capitalist’s interest may influence their accuracy.

The visual representations we encounter every day are not “slices of life” cut out of a stable reality obtained by the gods.

They are artificial organizations of meaning.

Shiblee Muneer
15th Jan,2024.

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