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Something Borrowed Something New

Something Borrowed Something New.
An exhibition by copper and steel.
Curated by Arshad Faruqui

Faruqui did his B.Arch from DCET Karachi, Pakistan and M.Arch from IIT Chicago, U.S.A. He has been teaching at IVSAA, Karachi since 1992 till date. In 2006 he established his Design House under the banner of ‘Copper and Steel’ where he practices Architecture, Interior and Landscape Design.

He has been reviving the crafts of copper and works with local craftsmen and incorporates it in his tableware, fountains and furniture designs. He is the Founder member of Pakistan Crafts Council and Pursukoon Karachi. He also formed Black Olive Publication with photographer Amean J. and have edited and Published K’Architecture, 21 chairs, 8 and Interior Designs of Pakistan. He served as the Chairman Institute of Architects (IAP) Karachi Chapter and as Chairman Board of Architectural Education for the National Council of IAP.

Faruqui has won the Design Excellence award and recently been awarded the Fellowship from the Institute of Architects Pakistan . His Installation ‘Crossing the Boarder” is part of the National History Museum, Lahore, Pakistan. He has participated in several group and solo exhibitions and have also been curating shows all over Pakistan.

He participated in both Karachi Biennale KB17 and KB19. He has been a guest speaker at Karachi Literature Festival, TEDX, Lahore and several conferences for the Institute of Architects, Pakistan.

The emergence of the pandemic has brought overwhelming changes in society and forced humanity to rethink how we live. Until just over a year ago, we took face-to-face human interaction for granted. On one hand, the world was under lockdown, and we were unable to be in the company of our friends and family, but on the other hand, it opened new ways to communicate, reach out to people and stay in touch with those whom one had lost contact with. It opened new avenues to think, share, and create.

Keeping this spirit of resilience in mind, “Something Borrowed, Something New” is a collaboration between myself and artists, architects and designers who have been a part of my journey and who have inspired me. With some, ideas and concepts were exchanged through Zoom, WhatsApp and emails, and with others, an incomplete or an ongoing piece of work or a space was shared and developed.
This exhibition celebrates The Borrowed to create The New.

– Arshad Faruqui

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