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SIYAH (Shades of Black) سیاہ

Exhibition video
SIYAH (Shades of Black) سیاہ
A solo exhibition by S.M Naqvi at ArtKaam gallery Karachi.

I like to experiment with different art forms and therefore during my art journey I have done work in miniature, abstract, pen and ink. Now you can see my new figurative paintings in my current exhibition titled “Black and White Expressions”. I enjoy all forms of art and tried to convey my massage of beauty to the world. This time I have chosen human form to express my feelings related to beauty. Beautiful faces always fascinate me and, in my opinion, creator has created well balanced human body and nobody can ignore that natural beauty. This series of painting is portrayal of covid-19 time when everybody was in fear of an unknown disease and that fear takes away the colours of life. I think of myself as an expression artist as I like to paint different moods and expressions of people and tried my best to paint the beauty of expressions, sad or happy every expression has its own beauty and my series reflects them all. I have also included horse, a symbol of power in my series reflecting a desire to overpower sadness.

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