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Sehar Ali

Sehar Ali

City: Karachi

Title: Art to wear (Necklace)

Medium: Textile leftovers

Size: 170″

Price: PKR 5000

Description: “Sustainability” to me means creating less waste as possible. Textile waste is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces, over 80 billion garments are produced annually worldwide. On average 10 to 15 % of materials are left behind as production waste, if these materials could put back into production, it would mean more than 10 billion more garments.

I am fascinated by the idea of working with leftover and creating the possibilities of reuse of waste to make the environment sustainable. My work is experimental and plays around with the surprises of what is possible to make with leftover and I find it never fails to inspire.

This Neckpiece is 170 inches long wrap and created from block printed cotton leftover. The adjustable length makes it versatile to wear in different ways.

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