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Sania Mushtaq

Sania Mushtaq

City: Rawalpindi

Title: Rahe Guzar

Medium: Embroidery and embellishment, acrylics, pastels

Size: 14.5″ x 21.5″

Price: PKR 35500

Description: Walking through the same street frequently, an affiliation is drawn with the colors, people, doors and windows over there. A clear image of the whole scenarios and the mundane scenes generated in our minds and even a little change can easily be recognized. In-fact if we want some change, we can see the clear picture of that in our imagination. That’s my work. I took one of the scenarios from a street of bhabrha Bazar and incorporated the change into it that I want to see over there. Embroidery and embellishment is the craft of bhabrha Bazar so I used it in the doors and windows, which are so dull and rough nowadays. That’s what I want, the shine in the minds of people, the shine of education and modernism, from which they are deprived of. The thick shinny layer of embellishment I used in my work shows the sparkle of intellect in the up coming generation of Pakistan.

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