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Marryam Batool

Marryam Batool

City: Gujrat

Title: Untitled

Medium: Silicone/wood

Size: 22.5″ x 22″.5

Price: PKR 70000

Description: Being an artist I tried to develop thought process through exploring material, I took initiative in sculpture as a major subject in BFA studies, university of Gujrat in 2014. I adopted assembling technique and contemporary approach in the beginning of my art practices. first of all, I perceived it as a one unit that is connected to different number of entities assembled in a sequence, this sequence shows the spinal cord as a symbol of strength. Strength and construction are the main element that first of all I observed in a backbone of any creature. which is also the concept of my work. I explored different aspects of concept as a tool and experiment in order to convey my idea in the undergraduate thesis.

After working as studio/freelance artist for almost a year and displaying work in different venues, I joined 2015 University of Gujrat as visiting lecturer in Fine arts (school of arts design and architecture) department. I believe that creative expression has the power to change the world. I do art work for resources to explore, learn and progress my contextual thinking. Push me to Achieve freedom to think out of box and one has to unlearn first and run his imagination on track to find out own pathway.

I continually experiment with materials and techniques to express new possibilities, creating an eclectic oeuvre united by my engagement with formal abstraction. During experiment, I explore silicon, I can sculpt with it, it is also a binder which create a wide spectrum of colors and textures, which are permanently flexible. It is a very playful medium, and play is key to my approach to making work. “The compositions, then combine elements of painting, sculpture, and self-expiration.

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