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“Luminous Nodes”

“Luminous Nodes” A solo painting exhibition by Aziz Hasan at Artchowk the gallery Karachi.


My name is Aziz Hasan. I have a Solo show at Art Chowk starting today,
which is based on Acrylic on Canvas, comprising of approximately 40 paintings.
The work spans around 2 to 2 1/2 years.
I resumed working after a long time.
My last show was in Paris, a solo show, and in Lahore at the Nairung Gallery which was also a solo show.
My title is ‘Luminosity Nodes’ which means the combination of music, poetry and light.
So the idea behind it is beauty, music, poetry and light. Without light the world ceases to exist, hence I have based my work around light itself. In my paintings there is a lot of layering.
That is my mode of work through constant layers of acrylic.
The purpose of this being a depiction of life and its multiple layers.
In addition, this represents the idea that what we see on the surface is in contrast with what’s below the surface.
The point being that what you see is not what you see.
For an observer the painting might mean something totally different from what the surface of the painting depicts.
My aim is to let the viewer connect with the painting as they deem fit.
There is a predominance of blue hues in work when I started.
When questioned on the excessive use of blue, my response was that it is simply nature that has guided me in this direction. The shimmer on the paintings represents ‘HOPE’.
My intent has always been to bring a positive aura through my paintings when they are taken to someone’s house. There should be no morbid or depressing colors or things in a house.
I do not give titles to each painting as the observer might get influenced by the title and start to search for the title in the painting and eventually does not formulate their own opinion about the work. I want the people to observe with an open mind and form their own ideas and opinions on what they are witnessing. There have been many a times when the spectators have seen something in the paintings that even I have not seen. I want the observer to be independent in their thinking.