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Ibrar Hussain

Ibrar Hussain

City: Lahore

Title: Between me and you

Medium: Eggshells on Vasli

Size: 10″ x 12″

Price: 30000

Description: “If an egg is broken by an outside force life ends but if broken by an inside force life begins”
An egg is a symbol of rebirth. It indicates the sign of the new generation when they reach on the glory of life suddenly an accident demolish every thing, and leave ashes behind. They left memories, words, and dialogue, but their identity remains alive in our hearts. Every living thing faces a different situation until the last breath on earth; some time passes through the tuff condition and some time by peaceful, happy moments.

These accidents create visuals, which remain in our life and travel with us forever. When it happens with someone else basically it repeated the same visual. I try to show the same visual through my practices.
The contemporary artworks revolve around the same idea through eggshells. The small pieces of eggshell and a combination of writings indicate the same memory, word, and visual.

No one knows the reality behind this accident, some resemble with his luck while someone considered the socio-political scenario. Repetition of layers through the medium and writing put aside the reality. Dialogue, words, or memories don’t look like words, memories. It looks like a rectangle box, which is coloured red.

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