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Hues of Dusk by Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi

Hues of Dusk by Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi A solo painting exhibition held at Artciti Gallery Karachi on 13th – 17th October, 2022.


Saeed Qureshi, A.S Rind, Chitra Pritam, Tanveer Faruqui and Saif Khan

About artist:

Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore in 1988. His work focuses on both landscapes and city scapes. He vividly portrays the different moods of nature. The audience will find details such as small lamps, lanes, shops, vehicles, shoppers, views of open fields, dense clouds, sunsets and moonlight in his work.

With the use of a very selective colour palette, focus on minor details and his artistic skills he leaves the audience wanting to see more.

Needless to say his work has been appreciated by many. Zulfi has also recieved the Pride of Performance award.

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