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Fareha Ghaffar

Fareha Ghaffar

City: Faisalābād

Title: Aesthetic

Medium: Gouache on Wasli

Size: 27″x20″

Price: PKR 35,000

Description: When we read the word "Aesthetic" there are lots of sentences, theories and philosophies come in our mind or find in various books. But according to me there is only one word which presents to aesthetic that is "Allah" and the here is the definition by our Prophet (PBUH)…. "Inna Allah Jameel wa Yuhibbu al-jamal (Allah is beautiful and He loves Beauty)". So this is the very precise description of Aesthetic. I painted it with traditional style calligraphy. The Hadith has been written in Khat-e-Thulth and illumination done with black, emerald and gold colors. The light and dark shading is used to present the aspects of creativity which is opens the door of more thoughts. On the whole this calligraphy and its colors relates the beatification of universe where the eternal beauty of every object also resides.