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Curated and conceived by Sehr Jalil

The project aims to approach the Anarkali Bazaar as a living organism, not just in people but in culture, art, history, food, architecture, sound and more.

A group of professional artists will intervene with this historic urban focus in an attempt to mark a continuation, a celebration and reflection of Anarkali's pulse; its struggles, joys and wonders.
The project is phase 2 of the heritage of Anarkali project, designed and conducted by Rogers Kolachi Khan and associates.

It is supported by the world monument funds, New York.

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Participating artists:

Mina Arham
Zara Asgher
Zahra Asim
Farida batool
Sehr Jalil
Marria Khan
Suleman Khilji
Mehdi Maloof
Sachal Rizvi
Mohsin Shafi

Media partner ART TV PAKISTAN
World Monuments Fund #seherjalilstudio

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